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Cruisers, Sportsboats & Trailable Yachts

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Two fleets of cruisers, sportboats and trailable yachts are raced from the Club on Sunday afternoon during the summer sailing season. The Division 2 fleet consists of larger and faster cruisers and sportboats, while smaller cruisers and trailable boats make up the combined Division 3 and 4 fleet. Some of the Club’s cruisers, sportboats and trailables participate in mid-week races and twilight cruises with other clubs and go on short ocean cruises.

Nearly all of the boats are stored at the Club, the larger boats in the Club’s mooring area or in the jetty pens. The trailables and sportboats are kept on the hardstanding areas and are launched via the Club’s ramp.
The Club has a tractor and jinker for pulling some of the smaller cruisers out of the water for tractor_webmaintenance work.

Due to the large variety of boats at the Club, there is a large range of experience available to assist newcomers to sailing and crewing positions can normally be arranged on some of the boats. Visitors and Newcomers are welcome to attend these Skippers and crew briefings which are usually held at 12:30pm on Sundays before racing commence to allocate crews to vacant positions if required.

Some classes of cruisers, sportboats and trailable yachts sailed from the Club are :-

Admiral 21, Diamond, E Boat, Elliot 5.9 and 7, Endeavour 24, Farr 5000, Hartley 16, M27, Magnum 8.5, Maxi 20, MB 24, Noelex 25, Red Jacket, Red Witch, Roberts 24, Ross 780, Sonata 6, Sorcerer, Spacesailer 18, 20 and 22, Swarbick 20 and 27, Southwind, Tankard 23 and Viking 30.

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