DutyMan Volunteer Roster

A list of duties for the period from 23rd September 2018 to 28 April 2019 has been published.

To volunteer for your two duties for the 2018/2019 sailing season volunteer roster, please follow the below link.

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Please contact the office if you need a DutyMan welcoming email or one resent.

Descriptions of duties

Launch and Retrieve

This requires you to use the NYC 4WD to launch the rescue boats at the beginning of the Day’s sailing and to retrieve them after the racing is completed.

This is a great duty for those that also want to sail each week. You need to be capable of reversing a trailer.

Flags and Recording

You will be required to be on the start boat and pull flags for the start of each race. You will also need to assist in recording the results of the races.

Start Boat Skipper

You will be required to have an RST to drive the start boat and assist with the starting of the races.

Support Boat Skipper

You will be required to have an RST to drive the support boat and will be on the water during the racing to assist any boats that may get into difficulties.

Support Boat Crew

You do not need to have an RST and the job requires you to assist the Support Boat Skipper with providing assistance to boats that may get into difficulties.


The OOD or Officer of the day needs to be someone who has been trained for this role.

If being out on the water is not your thing you can also volunteer in the Club. Please enquire at the Office.

Don’t hesitate to ask if you are new and would like more information by emailing info@nyc.org.au