Classes sailed

Classes sailed at Nedlands Yacht Club

Flying 11s

The Flying Eleven is an exciting, high performance, light weight racing dinghy, competitively sailed by 2 people of a preferable combined crew weight between 75 and 115kgs.

Teams under 18 years old race the Flying Eleven in the Junior Class. Teams 18 years old and up race in the Open Dinghy Class.

The Flying Eleven class tends to be a transitional class up to the  National 125 boats.

Flying 11 National Association

Cruisers, Sportsboats & Trailable Yachts

Three competitive fleets of cruisers, sportboats, trailable yachts and multi-hulls are raced from the Club on Sunday afternoon during the summer sailing season. The Division 1 fleet consists of the multi-hull cruisers, the Division 2 fleet include the larger and faster cruisers and sportboats, while smaller cruisers and trailable boats make up the combined Division 3 and 4 fleet. Some of the Club’s cruisers, sportboats and trailables participate in mid-week races and twilight cruises with other clubs and go on short ocean cruises.

Nearly all of the boats are stored at the Club, the larger boats in the Club’s mooring area or in the jetty pens. The trailables and sportboats are kept on the hardstanding areas and are launched via the Club’s two ramps. The Club has a jinker for retrieving some of the smaller cruisers from the water for  hull cleaning and maintenance work.

Due to the large variety of boats at the Club, there is a large range of experience available to assist newcomers to sailing and crewing positions can normally be arranged on many of the boats. Visitors and newcomers are welcome to attend these Skippers and crew briefings which are usually held at 12:30pm on Sundays before racing commence to allocate crews to vacant positions if required.

Some classes of cruisers, sportboats, trailable yachts and multi-hulls sailed from the Club are:

Admiral 21, Diamond, Elliot 5.9 and 7, Endeavour 24, Farr 5000, 6000 and 7500, M27, Magnum 8.5, MB 24, Noelex 25, Red Jacket, Red Witch, Roberts 24, Ross 780, SonataSabre 22, Sorcerer, Spacesailer 18, 20 and 22, Swarbick 20, Corsair 750, Corsair MkII, Prescott 850 and Viking 30.

Open Cats

The Open Cats section is open to any off the beach catamarans other than Hobie 16’s that would like to race.
This includes Tornadoes, Formula 18’s, A-Class cats, NACRA’s, Hobie Tigers and Formula 16’s.

Speak to office during the week or the officer of the day on race day mornings to see how you could sail in the Open Cat fleet.


The Hobie 16 is a very popular catamaran and well supported at the club. The Class thrives on having good fun, with these fast, easy to rig   boats. There is great dealer and association support.  Nedlands is the home to a number of very successful Hobie 16 sailors including World and National champions. With friendly yet competitive club racing and regattas on most weekends through the year, Hobie Class sailing is never dull and caters to a wide range of ages and abilities.

Definitely the one of the strongest class in WA and Australia, the 16 can be sailed not only in the open discipline but also Masters (over 45), Grand Masters ( over 55), Women’s and Youth (under 21). Sailed in Perth at Nedlands Yacht Club, and Jervoise Bay Sailing Clubs, also at country yacht clubs in Geraldton, Karratha, Albany and Broome, the 16 really caters for everyone.

With some of the top Hobie teams in the world residing in WA the new season will see the tightest racing over the entire fleet.

For more information email or call the club on (08) 9386 5496.

Hobie Association WA – website (for information and local contacts)

View this video by John Chapman to see what Hobie racing is like at Nedlands Yacht Club.

National 125s

The National 125 is a 12.5 foot (3.83 m) fun, fast two person intermediate sailing dinghy complete with spinnaker and trapeze, a boat for everyone. It has a design that appeals to the person wanting a piece of the sailing action without going overboard on costs.

Designed for easy owner building in stitch and glue, the 125 is a handyman’s dream. For those with less time, a fibreglass hull is available, creating an excellent low maintenance craft. Second-hand boats are readily available and with a bit of attention can provide two people entry to sailing for less than $1000. Weighing in at around 50 kg, the National 125 is the ideal craft for family sailing and family involvement.

In WA, the National 125s make up the largest fleet of intermediate double handed racing dinghy.  The class is sailed at Nedlands Yacht Club, South of Perth Yacht Club, East Fremantle Yacht Club, Port Bouvard Yacht Club, Geraldton Yacht Club and Esperance Bay Yacht Club. There are strong National 125 Associations in WA, SA, VIC, NSW and QLD. Currently there are about 600 members throughout Australia. Also, there are National 125s sailing in S.E. Asia and New Zealand.

The National 125 is a great boat for all ages with sailors ranged anywhere between 8 and 60 years of age.  Competitive crews include teenage skipper-crew combinations, parent – child combinations and more senior skipper-crew combinations.