Sailing in Company

Sailing in Company at Nedlands Yacht Club

The NYC Sailing in Company program is back for the 2021-2022 Season with Peter Twiby at the helm.

The Sailing in Company group is open to all members of the club. This year there are just four events in the program, so be sure to lock them in and let Peter know if you are interested as the details sometimes change due to weather and other circumstances that arise. If you are interested in joining the group as skipper or crew then please get in touch.

The first event, a night sail after a social picnic on the grass at Point Walter on October 23. This will be a great opportunity for people not so familiar with sailing after dark to have a go with friends around, just in case. The moon will be waning, having been full on the 20th, providing some light to guide us.

The second event is a sunset picnic at Matilda Bay on November 13. This is an old favourite, popular because folks who don’t have time to sail around can just drive and meet us on the grass for a magical sunset picnic. While some people beach-anchor or swim or paddle ashore for the picnic and sleep aboard, others can take the option of driving home to kip and coming back the next day. This year though, there’s some extra fun planned for this day. As the boats depart NYC crews will be handed a Quest List, detailing some simple, some funny and some puzzling items that can be captured on a smart phone on route. Crews will snap as many as they can. Each will be worth some points that will be tallied up as we relax on the picnic rugs and prizes will be awarded.

The third event also has overnight potential, or it can be a daytrip. Some will just come for the BBQ and head home, so they can race the next day. Garden Island is a fabulous destination and folks unfamiliar with ocean sailing can enjoy the support of experienced seagoers on this getaway. The options are to leave the club before 9am to get to the island in time for lunch or, if you want a bit more island time, you can sleep aboard closer to Fremantle to enable an earlier departure. There is   an option to head to Rockingham, instead of Nedlands after the Saturday BBQ where we can meet for dinner and/or brunch and have a leisurely sail home on the Sunday.

The final event is a return to Hillarys, following our hugely successful first visit to them in early 2021. They very graciously made pens and jetty spots available to a group of NYC boats, and treated us like members for the evening and morning. That meant hot showers and delicious meals in their club rooms. There is also scope for non-sailors to join us for the evening, by simply driving to Hillarys.

If you are interested in doing any of these, send Peter an email to let him know.